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About Us

We are grilling and camping enthusiasts and we wish to share our journey by introducing BURNER.WORK for the good times!

At its most basic, grilling is cooking on an open flame, like what our prehistoric ancestors used to do.

BURNER.WORK is designed and manufactured in Estonia, EU with the highest quality of materials and workmanship from 5 mm thick European eco-friendly steel in order to produce a truly robust product to last for a lifetime.

BURNER.WORK is highly versatile with universal base unit and possibility to expand the usage through add-on accessories, which are to be introduced soon. You can grill, fry, boil, smoke, heat, etc. - all with the same universal base unit!

BURNER.WORK requires only minimum maintenance and you can use almost anything as fuel, making it a flexible companion for your all-around needs.

BURNER.WORK has a portable, compact size design for easy transportation and storage and it will be delivered in a hand-made wooden box.

BURNER.WORK is customisable and it comes with two types of backplates to choose from, depending on the usage conditions (backplate with and without vertical holes). Furthermore, the backplate can also be branded, e.g. with logo, etc. making it an excellent gift as well.

Welcome to the BURNER.WORK family!